Green Screen

Green Screen system is a type of Chroma-key system where the guest’s photo is taken against a green background. The green color background will be removed and composed with sceneries and graphics that create photos of guest immersed in different sceneries or occasions. Our self-service green screen system includes guest association to facilitate guest’s retrieval via our PictureAir system. Our self-service green screen comes in two versions, user-operated and fully self-service to suit the different operational requirements.

User-Operated Green Screen

A user-operated green screen system includes a PC and two separate monitors. One monitor allows guest to preview the photos taken and the other monitor is for the operator to capture and assess the quality of the photos taken.

Full Self-Service Green Screen

Full self-service green screen is normally a kiosk where no operator is required as guests will interact with the kiosk themselves. The system includes a PC and a monitor (may need a touch screen depends on operational requirement). Guests initiate the photo capture by scanning their photo IDs or tap on the touch screen. After the session, guests will be guided to view their photos at sales counter.