Mobile App

Our consumer mobile app consists of following features:

Browse Photos

Guest can browse their photos taken at the park, (owned photos and not-purchase-yet photos). This allows guest to purchase photo even after they leave the park or buy on behalf of others. After purchasing the (with owned) photos, guest can further customize these photos with frame, stickers, effects and text. Guest can also share these photos to popular social media platforms, make personalized premium gifts or download the original digital copy for other purposes.

Discover Location

When guest visits a park for the first time, information such as popular attractions, promotions within the park will definitely enhance the guest’s experience. With the assistance of GPS, the app can also suggest and even guide the guest to the popular photo spots based on their current location.


With the continuous improvement of mobile phone build-in camera, taking photos or selfie using mobile build-in camera has become a lifestyle and habit for guests when visiting a park. Our mobile app comes with a build-in selfie function that has some cool features such as animated magic shots and location-based special frames to choose from while taking the selfies./span>

Online Store

Guest can use their photos to make premium gifts through the online store in the mobile apps. They can preview how the final products will look like before making the purchase decision.

Profile Management and Settings

With more and more photos captured and stored within PictureAir, guest will want to make PictureAir as their default application for all their special moments.